Unexpected Developments has been formed with a clear mission to create fun and engaging games that our whole team can be proud of, and to be an ethical company everyone wants to work with, from our amazing partners to our super-talented team.

We believe that excellence is a reflection of outstanding people – it is our company’s core philosophy. We hire only the most talented people, and treat them with the trust and respect they deserve, which invariably leads them to create amazing products and over-deliver at every opportunity.


Phillip Ronaldson

A superb technical and traditional artist capable of resolving all issues from both a technical and artistic perspective.

Phillip was instrumental in the success of Outso Ltd and Lockwood Studios allow it to become the number one developer in PS Home and represent some of the biggest gaming IP's within Playstation Home.

In recent years Phil created all the processes, technical and artistic solutions for Warhammer40K:Regicide on both PC and mobile. In addition Phil has worked on several unannounced AAA games.


Steve is a pioneer of the games industry starting with the creation of the English Software Company with Phil Morris in the early 80’s, developing several award winning products with the company.

After a brief period with the exciting Imagine Software Steve moved to become Branch Manager of Lothlorien Ltd before being hired as Producer for Psygnosis whilst working on a project for them. In the 10 years at Psygnosis Steve help create one of the finest external development team in the world. Helping develop companies that would then go on to create multi million selling franchises and sold for tens of millions further down the line. These companies would include Bizarre Creations (F1, MSR, Project Gotham), Travellers Tales (Toy Story, Mickey Mania, and the legendary Puggsy) etc.

After leaving Psygnosis Steve became Director of Strategy for Wanova a mobile games company aiming to create a platform for the next generation of phones. Created the first multiplayer game over GPRS and demoed this at CeBIT 2001 on the Nokia stand. Wanova featured in Time magazine as one of the hottest start up companies for 2000. Unfortunately as a company we were a few years ahead of the times.

Following Wanova Steve formed Travellers Tales Oxford an autonomous satellite of Travellers Tales. Expanded the studio from a core of 6 people at the beginning to almost 40 super talented people. The team completed the highly regarded Crash Bandicoot Twinsanity and Super Monkey Ball Adventure.

After doing some Business Development work for some old friends at Outso Steve then moved to Singapore to build a work class studio. Ksatria Gameworks worked with Joe Dever’s popular license, Lonewolf and created a huge amount of excitement within its fan base. Coordinated with the management team and company owner of the company to create 3 complementary businesses, Ksatria Gamesworks (Game Developer), kjAPI (Technology Company) and Ksatria Creations (Licensing).

Steve then return to England in January 2009 as Studio Manager of Outso Ltd which then became Lockwood Ltd. Lockwood became the number one third party developer in Playstation Home working with all the major IP holders to create branded gameplay spaces. In addition Lockwood developed its own successful IP and virtual goods company together with its own analytics solution Playmetrix and Avatar Platform on mobile and PC, Avakin. At its peak the team employed around 70 skilled and talented developers.

Steve is now working again in Nottingham with the monstrously talented Unexpected Developments Team!

Career highlights include working on over 160 projects with a combined retail value of over 1 billion dollars and helping in the development of some of the most successful development studios in Europe.


Barney started out as programmer at Free Radical Design, developer of the highly regarded Time Splitters franchise. Sadly whilst he never got to realise his dream of working on a Time Splitters game he managed the next best thing, working on Star Wars Battlefront III.

After Free Radical Barney joined Lockwood Publishing (formerly Outso) the top developers of virtual games, items and environments for the Sony PlayStation Home platform. Here he rose to the position of Director of Production developing projects based on original and existing iconic IPs and brands including Assassin's Creed, Red Bull, Uncharted, InFamous, Killzone, Dead Island and SodiumOne.

Barney then left Lockwood to follow his dream and form his own company, Bigyama, with Dan Schuller, working on a variety of projects across platforms including PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Home, Android and iOS.

In 2014 he re-united with a number of former colleagues to found Ninjar Studios to work on Warhammer40K:Regicide both as a programmer and project manager. Recently Barney has worked on several unannounced AAA games.