The Unexpected Developments team brings together a wealth of many years experience across numerous platforms, technologies and genres. Unexpected Developments takes pride in making great games and all this experience has helped shape a team capable of handling most challenges handed to them. Unexpected Developmentscan handle development of your game from start to finish or supplement your team in all areas across development, including:

  • Visual FX - We can create exceptional visual effects across all platforms including Unity3D and UE4.
  • Networking - From custom leaderboard solutions to implementation of existing platform APIs.
  • Virtual Reality - Capable of developing on all the leading platforms.
  • Technical Art - Troubleshooting, optimisations, assistance in building a robust art pipeline
  • Art Direction - Creating, documenting and delivering the artstyle needed for the project.
  • QA - Test plans, bug regression and management of external QA resources.
  • Gameplay development - Our experience means we can gel quickly with any team to help in hitting a milestone or date.
  • Porting - We can assist in porting your game to new platforms or low level ports to move your entire engine across platforms.

For Brands and IP Holders As well as creating original IP our team members have worked with some of the biggest brands inside and outside of games. The team have an innate understanding of what it takes to develop a great game that can stand on its own whilst also remaining true and sympathetic to the underlying brand or IP.